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#Twitter and #hashtag harassment – how too many #s can spoil your message

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Do you ever glance at a tweet – and then “move on” because it looks like too much hard work?

I certainly do. Often too many hashtags make a message look uninviting to me. Too hard!

beach SPR #

Hashtags always remind me of those anti-tank obstacles you’d often see in WWII movies and documentaries –  those devices designed to stop or at least delay or detour tanks.

Pas de Calais, Atlantikwall, Panzersperren

Just as these obstacles deter tanks or other vehicles – too many #s at the start of your message can deter your reader from “getting into” your message.

Of course, #s have their advantages in allowing readers to find your messages when they search particular topics.

Many social media authorities give all sorts of hashtag advice – never use more than 2 hashtags – never use more than 3 hashtags.

I suggest that the anti-tank device analogy can help you use hashtags effectively.



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