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Why this Christmas crazy time of year is a great time for sending RELEVANT social media messages

Do you find this “Christmas crazy” time of year a strange time when it comes to work?


christmas gift

Is it worthwhile sending any business-related social media messages during this time – or is it a waste of time?

I argue that this is an excellent time of year to send messages relevant to your reader’s state of mind.

Some people will be too “crazily busy” to think of business-related social media messages – but many more will be in a zone that I call a “target-rich environment”.


A target-rich environment

This time of year (while many people ARE too busy) others are in a zone where they are “at work” – but they don’t feel like working. Many are at their desks, on their computers, but not wanting to do anything too challenging.

Many people will be scanning their social media messages this week – most probably even more regularly than usual.

Don’t expect much action or response – but before the Christmas break can be a good time to reach people with your social media messages.

Another good time is December 26. People take a big relaxing sigh after Christmas – and many then soon start itching for something to do. Think of the popularity of the big movie releases timed for Boxing Day!

I’ve just been helping a prominent Australian lawyer harness this unusual time of year for his social media messages.



Christmas time is a time for many family members to see each – often after long periods apart. Family is “top of mind”.

The New Year is a time for reflection and planning – and resolutions for improvement. Many people are keen to get the New Year off to a good start.

Also, you’ve probably seen all the messages themed around:

1. Wrap-ups on the year that’s been 2015 – and

2. Predictions for 2016


TB headline technique

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The key to social media messages at this time is to relate your messages to what people are thinking about this time of year.


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