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Math or Maths? Why it should be MathS!

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What do yousay – Math or Maths?

This post was inspired when I shared a photo of a funny T-shirt (from the US)


Friends commented it should be Maths not Math!

In the US – they say Math. In the UK and British-background countries like here in Australia – they say Maths.

As a word nerd and writing trainer, I’m often asked questions like this – so I better be prepared for the Math or Maths question.

I often train US businesses full of Americans AND  Brits and Aussies. And both sides are so sure THEY are right!

TB NASA story

I consulted one of my favourite “authorities” on the English language (Daily Writing Tips) – and even though the site is based in the US – it presented logical arguments in favour of both Math and Maths. Link at the end of this post.

I was brought…

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