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Marketing tip: names that make a good sound – Part 1

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If you want to connect with potential clients – one way is to have your business name make a GOOD SOUND – a desirable sound.

This post was inspired by a business car I saw when I saw as I was driving my two kids to school.


It was for a Driving School called NO YELLING – and the very name  “sounded” good to me and promised great things.

Sure, the “good sound” in this case was actually the absence of a bad sound – YELLING!!!!

I must confess, I can YELL in frustration (especially when driving) – and I don’t like that I do it!

I am not connected with this DRIVING SCHOOL in any way. I am not cool and calm enough to be one of their instructors!

A business brand is often a PROMISE and this name to me promised:

1. Calm driving instructors. I imagine…

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