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This simple “flip” tip will make your presentations and events run faster and smoother

How often have you been at an event where there is ‘dead air’ and wasted time as one speaker throws to another speaker who then has to walk to the stage or presentation space?

Last night I was at an event where a presenter would give a “big chunk of information” about the next speaker and what they would talk about. The first speaker would then call on the next speaker to come up and the audience would have to wait while the next speaker made their way to the stage.

Even though the delay may have only been 20 seconds, the break:
1. broke the momentum of the event

2. “lost” the audience’s attention

3. made the introducing speaker look embarrassed and awkward with the delay

This common problem is so easy to fix with a simple flip.

Here’s what you do:

1. Call upon the next speaker

2. As the next speaker makes their way to the stage/presentation space, you give then give the “intro information” about what they are to talk about.

It helps if you actually time how long it can take to walk the distance to the stage and time the information you give to match the walking time.

This simple flip of the order will help your event:

1. run smoother

2. run faster and

3. keep your audience focus from fading.


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Who are the people who taught you great lessons or tips that you carry with you? I’m lucky to travel the world helping organisations improve their business presentations. Many of the tips and techniques I share were passed on to me from my high school English and Drama teachers!



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