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How to get action in this age of distraction – Tip 1: use your phone

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One of the best life lessons I ever got was from one of my ‘business and creative heroes” Sam (antha) Horn from the US.

I live by her mantra: “Ink it when you think it” – which means WHEN you get an idea – WRITE IT DOWN (or record it another way). I’ve adopted the habit/reflex of using my phone if I don’t have a notebook handy.

Don’t delay and think you’ll remember an idea or expression you hear. In this age of distraction, chances are that you’ll get distracted by something else.

I often get ideas when I am driving. Sometimes ideas are inspired by something I see along the drive OR something I hear on the radio.

I used to think, I’d remember it and not bother recording it. Lots of ideas disappeared into the ether. Lots of action ideas never got en-ACTed.

These days – when I…

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