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Bloody daylight saving! – and social media timing

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Just when I was starting to get better responses to social media by timing my posts – along comes daylight saving! 

Now my home state (Queensland) is one hour behind NSW (where lots of my work is and lots of my Facebook friends/ media and business contacts are)

I was timing my posts around times when there was a greater chance that people would have time to catch-up on social media –  e.g. coffee breaks, lunch breaks and commuting times.

Also, when I would feel like a coffee or feel like a break was a good clue for when other people might be taking a break and getting a hit of social media.

I know there are tools to help you time your tweets and posts.

There was just something refreshingly “human” and old-school about timing my posts/tweets around the timing of my own body clock and cravings for coffee/breaks…

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