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On #LinkedIn – should you dare to be extraordinary or play it safe?

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You had me at “Accountant Extraordinaire”.

LI Accountant Extraordinaire

This post was inspired by a Linked In profile I saw this morning. It made me want to connect with this person.

What I found attractive about it was:

1. A sense of confidence in daring to stand out on what can be a very staid and conservative platform – Linked In.

2. So many businesses need accountants. I come from a creative business background (media/entertainment), so if I need an accountant I might as well get one that is “extraordinary”.

3. The unexpected contrast. Accountants have a certain “cliche” image of being conservative and cautious. While these traits are important – I also found it refreshing to see an accountant who dares to describe herself as extraordinaire. I followed and continue to follow a Canadian law blog precisely because of the refreshing and unexpected contrast. The name of the blog –

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