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How to get action in this age of distraction – Tip 1: use your phone

One of the best life lessons I ever got was from one of my ‘business and creative heroes” Sam (antha) Horn from the US.

I live by her mantra: “Ink it when you think it” – which means WHEN you get an idea – WRITE IT DOWN (or record it another way). I’ve adopted the habit/reflex of using my phone if I don’t have a notebook handy.

Don’t delay and think you’ll remember an idea or expression you hear. In this age of distraction, chances are that you’ll get distracted by something else.

I often get ideas when I am driving. Sometimes ideas are inspired by something I see along the drive OR something I hear on the radio.

I used to think, I’d remember it and not bother recording it. Lots of ideas disappeared into the ether. Lots of action ideas never got en-ACTed.

These days – when I get an idea or hear a cool phrase – I record it.

My friends laugh at how I often carry a notebook and write down things.

I also use my phone – and I encourage you to get into the habit of using your phone.


1. Because we often take our phones everywhere with us.
2. Because you can keep ideas all in the one place. Often scraps of paper can get lost – unless you have specific notebook that you review often.

Learn to use the many functions on your phones.

action memo

For example:

1. if I don’t have a notebook, I’ll often type a few notes into the notes on my phone (I use an i-phone, but many other phones have similar functions.) As you can see, my rushed notes recording above has the wrong words – but it’s still an effective reminder

2. If an idea is longer, I’ll often record a voice memo.

3. If something is visual – I’ll often take a photo as a reminder.

voice memo

I’m getting asked more and more for little tips to help people improve their productivity and effectiveness.

women's health

I recently was “expert talent” in a magazine article.

On my drive this morning (dropping the kids at school) I thought of the catchy phrase – action in the age of distraction.

I took my own advice and used my phone to capture the expression as soon as possible after the idea came to me πŸ™‚

I usually wait until I get home. But these days, I pull the car over to the side of the road and capture my ideas.

As you can see, I didn’t forget the idea and I didn’t get distracted by the hundred other things I have to do today.

I encourage you to do the same – before your ideas disappear and before you get distracted!

Remember: “Ink it when you think it” (or use your phone to capture an idea WHEN you get it.


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