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Why tense matters and how it can improve your writing Part 3/4

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Why does tense matter?

Writing is a present or future tense forces you to focus NOT on the PAST – but on what is happening NOW – the more recent events – or possible future events.

Journalists hate to use the past tense or the expressions yesterday or even last night at the start of a story. It’s OK to move to the past tense and past events AFTER you start with a more “urgent” tense.

Instead of Bill Smith has been chargED with…

or Yesterday Bill Smith was chargED with…


Bill Smith will face court OR faceS court on…

helping businesses avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding - feeling a bit crook (maybe it's Monday-itis!)
Have a brighter future by learning how to tweak your tense!

I often help lawyers improve their writing.

I’m a former lawyer turned journalist and business communication consultant – so I know the challenges lawyers face – and how to fix those challenges!

Many lawyers are notoriously detailed –…

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