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How tweaking your tense can improve your business writing – Part 2/4

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tense joke

This corny joke illustrates how we usually tell stories  and communicate in a more engaging style in the present tense – it’s not that they walk-ED (Past tense) into a bar. It’s  told in the Present tense – they WALK into a bar.

Then – after the more engaging opening – the joke moves into PAST tense.

In a related post, we looked at how you can improve your business writing by asking yourself two important questions:

So What? and Now What?

Now we’ll look at how can make your business writing sound more engaging and fresher – and not “old news” – by learning to get smart about tweaking your tense.

Journalists tweak tense to make stories sound more urgent and compelling. You don’t want your stories to sound like “old news:.

Here’s how YOU can tweak the tense

1.    Find the current angle –  …

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