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More interesting stuff about the RAF Roundel and the Mod target sign

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This post was inspired by a post about social media and the attention-grabbing, easily-identifable power of the RAF roundel that later was used by the Mod Scene.

It was interesting – the connections between swift and fleeting social media messages and a classic WWII Spitfire flashing past.

Like a lot of “boys” I was introduced to roundels as I made my model planes – including the roundel stickers/decals.


The RAF roundel was invented before the WWII Spitfire –  back in WWI.

The roundel was invented to quickly identify planes to troops on the ground and other aircraft.

Troops would often shoot at planes – not knowing if they were friend or foe.

The mark had to be quickly identifiable from a distance.

The British copied this French  roundel and reversed the colors.



Roundel bi-plane

Before the  tri-coloured roundel – the Brits tried the Union Jack – but the Cross in the…

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