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U-Boats and #Proofreading – when you are proof reading how should you write proof-reading?

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How you write “proof reading” can tell you about your writing style.

Do you write proofreading as one word – or do you write proof reading as two  separate words?

Or when you write proof-reading – do you use a hyphen that combines the words in  “separate chunks” – a combination  that’s easy to read at speed?


And what does proof-reading have to do with U-boats? Or should that be Uboats or U Boats?

I’m definitely a hyphen-user ( “The Hypen-ator” – said in an “Arnie” voice) – even though the other two forms are acceptable!

My reasoning is that the hyphen makes it easier for a reader to read at speed. Modern readers often skim and scan – especially on-line and on their mobile devices.

The old-school style is to not join the words together.

The modern style is to combine the words as one word.

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