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Small, super-effective solutions for busy Big thinkers (Pt 1)

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Do you consider yourself a “big thinker”? Big ideas? Big ambition? Big workload??

I consider myself to be very lucky to have several “big thinkers” as clients in a variety of different industries.

Each is very,very good at what they do. Yet they hunger to get better and want to improve their skills and they want sessions or programs to improve their writing or presenting or productivity.

Their challenge is: they are also super-busy and often have “more urgent” tasks take up all their time and de-rail their improvement plans.

From my experience working with and helping Big thinkers:
1. they often over-commit
2. they often move on to the next BIG idea or project. They get plenty of good ideas!
3. they are not afraid to have an “accountability partner” to help them stick to their improvement plans. The big thinkers I help know their strengthsand their need…

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