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Great advice on how to answer tough questions – from skilled US politicians

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“Never answer the question that is asked of you. Answer the question that you wish had been asked.” Robert McNamara

We all have to answer tough questions – in business and in life.

I’m a real ANSWERING QUESTIONS nerd and I carefully study shows like ABC’s Insiders to see how experts ASK and ANSWER QUESTIONS. I also study history.

TB international presentation coach

When I help business leaders (and even some politicians) I often get ASKED about tips on how to answer difficult questions.

One of my favourite bits of advice comes from a US politician Robert McNamara. We can ALL learn a lot from studying US politicians and their advisers – Democrats AND Republicans and from different times in history – especially times of conflict and challenge. Isn’t that MOST times?


Even if we don’t agree with someone’s politics, we can learn from the communication skills of politicians like McNamara.


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