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Small, super-effective solutions for busy Big thinkers (Pt 2)

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If you are like most people in business today you can feel overwhelmed.

Just when you get started on a project or task (your original plan) something “more urgent” comes along and derails your plans.

Your natural reaction is to just divert your focus to the more urgent matter and delay progress on your original plan. Next month. Next year. And the harsh reality is “Next” often turns into “NEVER”. Other things will keep getting in the way.

Now, sometimes it’s the right thing to do to delay progress on your original plan and focus on the more urgent task.

But don’t let delay be your “default reaction” in every case.

I encourage you to explore options before you reflexively put something in the too hard basket.

too hard basket

That’s what it’s about – developing positive thinking reflexes as a habit!

In part 1 I shared how to use a great…

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