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How to prepare an effective short presentation – quickly (Pt 2/3)

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Short presentations are not always sweet.

word nerd CU

They can be sweet – but many presenters make these mistakes:

1. they try to cram in too much information

2. they rush – speaking to quickly and flipping through slides too quickly. They lose their audience

3. they end too abruptly rather than closing with impact

In Part 1, I shared how post-it notes can help you prepare. Link at the end of this post.

Part 2 is about cutting from the middle or near the end – but not AT the end.

post-it pres 1

post-it pres 2

The post-its can help make sure you:

1. do NOT try to cram in too much information

2. do NOT have to rush – because you haven’t included too much information.

3. do NOT end abruptly

With the post-it notes you can quickly take out parts that make your presentation run beyond your allotted length.

When you trim – I…

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