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Here’s how your screensaver can help reduce stress Pt 1

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If you are like most people – you are under increasing stress these days. You feel squeezed. Too much to do. Not enough time.


Here’s a simple technique you can use to reduce your stress and encourage a state of productive calm – even in the stressful office.

I’m a corporate communication consultant – and these days so many of the requests I get from clients are to help them deal with workplace stress and anxiety – especially how to communicate calmly and confidently when you are under so much stress.

Anyway, there is so much “advice” available – I like to “test” different techniques for myself.

Many of the techniques sound very “arty-farty” and can sound “flakey” to a Western business audience that is so concerned with squeezing the most out of every worker and every moment.

I’m currently “testing” techniques based on the SELF memory device.

The S…

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