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Twitter is a perfect platform and chatform for silly #puns. Here’s why –

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Do you enjoy puns?

I can’t help myself. I love making up silly puns – and, even more, I enjoy seeing others join in with one-up-PUN-ship.

Chem cat 2

Some people find puns immature – but if YOU enjoy puns, twitter can be a great platform for pun exchange.

As a word nerd and writing coach, I often help businesses improve their twitter writing.

word nerd CU

I seriously study different “experts” approaches to twitter. Some say keep your twitter serious and professional and focussed on business. I can see the logic.

Tao of Twitter

However, the playful punster side of me was very encouraged to discover in – Mark Schaefer’s The Tao of Twitter – that Mark formed strong and lasting business relationships through tweets about sport teams – AND silly puns!

Even the book cover design is a “visual” pun combining the Tao Symbol and the Twitter bird!

As early as page 2 of his book, Schaefer…

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