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“I ain’t got time to bleed” – (I mean tweet) #Twitter takes time – make time! Pt1

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I ain't got time to bleed

If you are of a certain vintage – you probably remember the tough character in the Predator movie who says (after he is told that he is bleeding):

I ain’t got time to bleed!

It’s a very macho and funny response – and I often hear “tough” and senior business people say a similar thing:

I ain’t got time to tweet.

T-shrt I ain't got time to bleed

They want to master twitter. They want followers – yet they say they don’t have the time.

Here’s the tough news – twitter takes time. You need to take  time and “make” time.

Time to tweet.

Time to engage with people.

Time to study what successful tweeters are doing to improve their twitter numbers and “profiles”.

One successful tweeter I follow and learn from  is Greg Savage.

Greg Savage TP

Greg has more than 35 K followers – and he shares how it took him a lot of time and effort…

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