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The biggest complaint “more mature” workers have about younger workers

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Does this bug you? Maybe, you are guilty of bugging others?

Do you know what “bug” means?

“Bug” is one of those words use by people from a particular generation.

“To bug” is “To annoy”.

And what annoys (bugs) many “more mature” workers (over 30) about younger workers – is how many younger workers seem to pay more attention to their screens than they do to a person trying to talk with them.

Even if you are able to multi-task and pay attention, not giving eye contact is perceived as being disrespectful, being disinterested and un-businesslike.

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I was asked to run an induction session to help younger workers who were about to join a large engineering firm.

I asked the firm bosses what was the biggest complaint managers had about younger workers and this was it.

“They don’t look you in the eye. They are always looking down at their…

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