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Communication lessons from the Challenger Space Shuttle speech (pt 1) – the uplifting power of words

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If you need to craft an empowering message in difficult times – you can learn a lot from Ronald Reagan’s famous and powerful speech/address to the nation after the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster – 28 years ago.

challenger disaster

The speech is included as one of the most powerful speeches by the wonderful speech resource – American Rhetoric.

The words still live with me today because of Peggy Noonan’s  brilliant writing AND Ronald Reagan’s masterful delivery.

There’s a link at the end of this post to American Rhetoric that includes the video and the transctipt.

I encourage you to listen to the speech and read the transcript. As you do notice these communication techniques  that can help you when you need to deliver an empowering message in difficult circumstances.

word nerd CU

In my opinion, as a political and corporate speechwriter, this address is so powerful for so many reasons. I’ll start with this…

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