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Who else loves “new” blend words – like Bleisure?

doubleshot media

Lots of my creative friends love creating new words. They are attracted to new words and shiny new things.

TB everest

If you are  ever trying to hook attention – a new word promises something new and often exciting – and people in creative and innovative industries love new and creative words.

From my experience in the media, I know reporters love “the new” too. What’s the new angle? What’s different? How can I make my story sound new and interesting?

The media also loves to know about trends.

This post was inspired by one word  – one word that hooked my attention this morning:

Bleisure – a blend of business and leisure.

Here’s a link to the article that hooked my attention. I don’t know if this writer “invented” the expression – but to whoever did – it’s simple yet clever.

The expression may have been around…

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