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3 reasons why I used to hate numbered list posts – and how they can actually improve our #blogging

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Do you like “numbered list” blog posts – or do you loathe them?

I used to hate them – I thought they were lazy and unimaginative.  I don’t mind the order of a list – but posts that were “just lists” made me listless.

These list posts seemed lifeless and dull. Boring!

Anyway, I now see  the error of my ways.


I now see the benefits of a list post  – and here are 3 reasons how they can help you improve your blogging.

1. A list can promise several “benefits” – encouragement for a reader to invest time in reading you post.

Not just one reason – but several reasons!

I encourage you to keep the number reasonable – not 99 reasons.

Maybe between 3 and 10. And make sure it’s not just a list of shallow points.

Often, the more points – the shallower…

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