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Here’s why the alarm bells should be ringing for you

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Are you aware of your limitations? We all have them. We are good at somethings and yet – often as a flipside of the thing we are good at – we are not so good at other things.

To borrow from the great quote from an old Dirty Harry Movie.

A good man always man knows his limitations

a good man knows his limitations

The Dirty Harry character was talking to a man (his police boss) in the movie – but of course, this applies to female business executives too.

I’ve learned to be aware of my limitations.

I can be very good at focussing and “getting deeply into” a project or task.

My challenge is that I can get so absorbed, I can lose track of time.

I’ve learned to be aware of this limitation and to compensate by setting alarms for myself at the start of my day. It’s a ritual I’ve developed.



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