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Get your message across – unleash exciting and visual verbs

doubleshot media

When you need to make your message memorable – use exciting and visual verbs.

When you need to get media attention for your messages – use exciting and visual verbs.

What are visual verbs?

Visual verbs are more specific verbs that help you “see” the action.

For example, instead of saying new laws will affect rights or reduce rights – find more visual verbs.

TB headline technique

I often help smart professionals make their presentations and messages more exciting and engaging.

We’ll often rip away the boring and bland words. See how rip is visual?

So rip away rights is more visual than affect or reduce.

What are exciting verbs?

Well, exciting are visual, unusual, and can “sound” good with the other words. They sound good when read – or even when you “hear” the words “in your mind’s ear” as you read the words silently to yourself.

Here’s an example:

This message…

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