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Get some Satisfaction – Throw a butterfly net over those beautiful flitting, fleeting ideas

doubleshot media

Have you ever wondered how many great songs DO NOT get written? How many great creative ideas DO NOT ever happen? How many great business ideas evaporate?


Creative and talented types are often good at thinking up great lyrics or riffs or ideas – but many ideas are like big, beautiful ideas that briefly flit before your eyes and then disappear – never to be seen again.

I’m always encouraged by the Keith Richards story about the riff for Satisfaction. Apparently, Keith knew his talent AND his limitations.

He got into the habit of taking recording devices with him – even on the road.

When he’d get an idea – he’d capture it.

Keith Richards

The story is that he came up with the Satisfaction riff – recorded it – then “went off to sleep”.

When he woke up he couldn’t remember the riff – but he remembered that he had recorded…

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