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Tip for #marketing yourself or your organisation – find the “AND” angle (Pt 2)

doubleshot media

When you need to market yourself or your organisation it helps to find your AND angle.

In part 1 of this series, I shared how I am helping photographers market themselves by finding (and promoting) their AND angle.

To help illustrate the point I am using, with kind permission, this photo I saw from a Facebook friend (a news cameraman on assignment with Australian troops in Afghanistan) that really illustrates the AND angle!

facebook sunset

For me, what makes this photo special is the AND – the sunset AND the barbed wire – the contrast. Both in the same shot.

A shot of just a sunset – nice but not necessarily special. Shot of barbed wire – ominous but “common”.

A shot of the beautiful, soft, warm sunset juxtaposed with the sharp, cold metal wire – in my opinion it’s the AND that makes this shot extra-ordinary.

I’m guessing the cameraman had…

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