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This 8 minutes will help you avoid #e-mail #anxiety at the start of your work year

I’m to glad I listend to this 8 minute interview by one of my business consultant heroes – Peter Bregman from the US.

Usually 8 minutes is a lot of my time – but hey, I’m on vacation – so I’m taking more time and being more “relaxed”.

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Vacation (or Christmas holiday time as we call it in Australia) – is a great time where often Australian business “shuts down”. The people who usually send you e-mails and requests for action are taking a break – so YOU get a bit of a break.

What most people dread is coming back from holiday/vacation and getting overwhelmed by work – especially e-mails.

Anyway, here are some tips in a radio interview from Peter Bregman.

I like his honesty that he is far from perfect and that e-mail is HIS kryptonite.

He talks about avoiding getting overwhelmed by Other People’s Priorities (Desires) and how you should take time to focus on what is important to you.

So, if you are getting back into work after your vacation – I encourage you to take 8 minutes – actually around 8:15 to reduce e-mail overwhelm for when you get back to work. Enjoy!

Ease back into your work e-mail – Peter Bregman interview


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