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Stressed out and angry at work? But you keep it inside? Try this BEFORE you explode >

doubleshot media

If you get stressed out – this can help!

Don’t you love it when someone you admire and respect admits they have the same sort of challenge you have?

In business, we often work so hard to put on a professional face – yet these days so many of us are so frustrated and stressed out.


It seems that to admit you have a challenge is to damage your professional image of being in control. It’s unprofessional. Unreliable. Un-businesslike!

This morning, I read some wonderful advice from one of my business communication heroes – Peter Bregman from the US.


Now, I live I Australia and for years I’ve been studying and learning from Peter’s Harvard Business Review articles and his videos and his TED talks.

He seems to be a very smart and “together” guy and a good, caring father. (Another thing that really appeals to me.)

This morning…

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