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How Chuck Norris can help you with work overload

How to COPE with work overload

How Chuck Norris can help you with your work overload

Ask yourself: What would Chuck do?  How would Chuck react?


Do you have work overload – lots of people distracting you from your work and wanting to make “their problems” your problems?

Because so many businesses these days have fewer people and fewer resources – many seem to be in a constant state of panic and rushing to react to problems.

I used to have a problem of jumping to help other people. I thought I was impressing them with how fast I could spring to the rescue and what a “hero” I was.

The real result was:

  • I was just encouraging people to do this sort of thing again
  • I got sidetracked from what I was doing
  • I fell behind in my own work

That was until I started thinking: What would Chuck Norris do?

Now I know…

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