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Don’t blame poor writers in your organisation – help them


Don’t blame poor writers in your organisation – help them!


Are you one of those people who judges people by there writing?

(The use of there instead of their was intentional! Just to see if you noticed or if you “judged”)

I used to be one of those “judging” types – until I realised that it’s better to help writers than to blame them or  get angry at them.  

The positive side of being a word nerd

As a writing coach and word nerd, I help professionals who are far smarter than I am. These professionals are very good at what they do – they just need help to improve their writing.

Today I saw examples of writing that were riddled with credibility-eroding mistakes.

I wanted to help the organisation – I e-mailed the organisation pointing out the errors and  I encouraged the bosses not to get angry with the writer/s.

In my opinion, it’s up…

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