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“Naughty” calculator spelling from other countries!

Sentimental as Anything


My  8-year-old son Orlando thought I was so cool when I showed him the joys of calculator spelling – silly things I hadn’t thought about since high school.


Of course I showed him safe words like HELLO  07734 – even though the first words  that came to mind were BOOBS and BOOBLESS! Did you know kids in other countries also loved making up “naughty” words in their own languages on calculators? More on that later.

O calc spelling

Orlando was hooked and came up to me yesterday proudly showing me all the new words “he discovered” and “made up”. Words like EGG and GLEE and expressions like LOL. So sweet!


And of course HOBO and HOBOS – kids his age seem obsessed with HOBOs!

In previous posts I wrote about the wonderful world of calculator spelling and its cultural significance.

Next step is to use the “hook” of the fun of calculator spelling to…

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