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How to use your Linked In photo to connect

Do you want to connect with people on Linked In?

I know many professionals use Linked In in a very cautious and proper way.

I used to find Linked In too boring – but lately I’ve been noticing that it’s starting to “loosen up”. I’m starting to use it more often and I’m starting to interact more with interesting people.

I’ve been connecting with lots of people and I must say I’m often influenced by the initial impression I get from the profile photo.

Now, I come from a more creative and colourful background – so I’m often attracted to the unusual, the daring, and the more expressive. People who dare to be different.

Linked In often presents you with “People you may know”.

I’m usually busy, so as I quickly scroll through the many profile pics, certain ones catch my attention and make me want to connect with a certain person.

Maybe I’m “unprofessional” – but I’ll share with you some pics that hooked my attention.

If you work in a more creative or expressive industry, I encourage you to loosen up and dare to be more “creative” and original.

By “creative” and “expressive”, I include professionals who work in media or the arts or PR or promotions or jobs where people need to hook attention and engage.

Here are some photos that made me want to connect.


LI Brian

This is from a colleague from my TV days – but even if I didn’t already know him, I’d want to connect. I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, so this pic got my attention. It’s also quite appropriate for the media industry given the bloodshed and politics of TV and media 🙂


LI connect 1

I don’t know this person – but I’d like to connect. This person looks experienced yet with a sense of fun. This is just my conjecture – but I also believe that this PR professional knows the importance of “standing out” in a profile pic.

Some people look “approachable” on Linked In. This person looks like they would want to connect and expand their network.

3. LI red stand out

We often make quick judgements based on what we see as things we have in common. This pic hooked my attention because of the dramatic red. To me, this person looks as though he is not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Plus, I like RED.



When I analyse the photo I chose for my Linked in pic, I realise it includes:
1. my passion for US politics – and Obama’s communication style
2. my passion for creating something different
3. my passion for wordplay and puns – COPE instead of HOPE
4. a “link” to what I do professionally – helping people COPE
5. and yes, there’s a bit of RED in it

A friend of mine is a talented, professional photographer who knows a lot about the power of image and professionalism. After the Christmas break, I plan to seek HER professional opinion on what she finds effective in social media profile pics.

TB with Leah

What things make you want to connect on Linked In?

Maybe it’s the job description or the title OR the number of common connections.

Please let me know and share your views in the comments section below.

As I mentioned, I know that I tend to make quick decisions based on perceived commonality and liking things that are different and expressive.


TB media bgrd

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