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Business and social media lessons we can all learn from street performers

doubleshot media

We can all learn so much from “street performers”.


Quick context:

I recently took on a “gig” as a musician playing at markets – so I could carefully observe and learn from business  lessons  – at a very basic level.

I usually work as a communication consultant and trainer in writing for social media.


TB Social Media KLT

I was inspired by Robert Cialdini who went to study  and sometimes worked forpersuasive businesses to learn real-life, street-level influence and persuasion techniques – like how tweaking words can make a big difference!

And the power of SOCIAL PROOF – other people “saying” or suggesting that  something is O.K.

Robert-Cialdini Influence

While playing at the markets,  during my breaks I’d carefully watch “street performers” who were hired to entertain the market crowds.

When I was  a young uni student, I would often  travel with other young and impoverished (BROKE) “theatre types” to student theatre festivals around…

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