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Christmas Business lessons – what’s Santa got to do with sales?

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Thinking of Christmas – I thought of this earlier post – from this time of year ( last year!)  Some messages are seasonal!

Like you I get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of messages every day.

Like you I’m busy – and only a very, very small percentage of messages hook my attention and action.

Here’s a real-life example of a tweet this morning that hooked my attention – and my action.

When I get “hooked” I like to analyze WHY a catchy headline or other technique worked.

When I break down the secret of success of the message that hooked my attention and my action – the message made me Curious – and it used the power of Contrast – things that normally don’t go together.

The message was about SANTA and SALES.

At this time of year SANTA is on many people’s minds – but I’ve got hundreds of…

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