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Improve your #productivity – Fight or Flight! – choose Flight (Mode)

If you want to get more things done – without interruption and detours – I encourage you to do this very simple, yet effective thing. You don’t have to fight against interruptions. I recommend that instead of Fight – you choose Flight (mode)>

I use my smartphone a lot – to record ideas on the voice recorder, to listen to downloaded podcasts, to listen to calming music to help me grab a 20-minute quick rest and recharge, and to use the camera to video interviews or record presentations I am critiquing. Sometimes just to play some of my favourite soothing music while I work or write.

I often want my phone to be on – but not to get interrupted by an incoming call or e-mail.


So when I am in serious work mode (often using the phone – but not wanting to get interrupted) I put it in flight mode.

Flight mode is also called many other names including airplane mode.

Here’s an explanation from Wikipedia:

“Airplane mode is a setting available on many mobile phones and other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device’s capacity to place or receive calls or use text messaging – while still permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission”

TB LL mosaic

I used to get so frustrated at getting interrupted when I was “in the zone” with a particular task. I used to really have to fight to get back on track and back in the zone. I went through a stage where I’d turn my phone off completely – which meant I didn’t have access to the other many wonderful features I use the phone for.

Now, by simply putting the phone into flight mode – I get the benefits of the phones other functions without being interrupted by calls, texts etc.

On a personal angle, I used to get frustrated when I’d be using my phone to video one of my kids’ performances and a call would come through at exactly the wrong time – often shutting off the recording! Doh!!!

Now with flight mode – there’s no danger of the recording getting interrupted by a call.

Of course, you have to get into the habit or remembering to take off flight mode!

Simple. Easy. If you don’t already use flight mode for things other when you are on a plane – I encourage you to start using it. I have my phone on flight mode as I write this!

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