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Friday Pompous Prognostication #1 – the apostrophes times up?

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Youll probably note that I should have written the apostrophe’s time’s up – but I couldnt be bothered.

Its all too hard. Its not needed. People shouldnt have trouble understanding what you mean.

(Yes, Im just messing around. )

Im usually one of those “Apostrophe Police”  or “Apostrophe Apostle” word nerds wholl get annoyed at apostrophe catastrophe’s.

Apostrophe trangression’s catch my eye – and Ill take photos. Note: whats happening and Thank God its Monday


word nerd CU

When I teach business writing – I include the correct use of apostrophe’s.

Use apostrophes for contraction’s (omitted letters) – Dont use for plural’s

Youll be interested to know theres a growing band of Apostrophe Vigilantes wholl change signs that have not needed or not enough apostrophes.

apostrophe police

Especially – signs that use the superfluous “greengrocers apostrophe” when its not needed for plural’s.


Heres my reasoning for predicting the threat to the apostrophes existence.


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