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DO worry, Be happy! Pt 1 – Why you should schedule “worry time” for better #productivity and #resilience

You may know the old song “Don’t worry – be Happy!”.

Well, in the high-pressure business world, you can get better results with “Do Worry – Be Happy!”

Especially when you “schedule” worry time .


Now, today’s business world is riddled with worry. Established businesses are going bust. There’s little job security. Established contacts you had good relationships with have been sacked or have moved on. You have to deal with fresh people who don’t know you as well as your old contacts. You feel less secure.

Every day can seem like a fight to get work. Then there’s getting paid for that work. Then there’s the worry the business I’m dealing with goes bust. What if the person I’m dealing with “gets replaced”.
What if? What if? What if???

These days I am getting more and more requests from clients to help them deal with work worry and overwhelm.

One of the most effective tips I pass on is to focus on worry – at scheduled times. Get it done – get it out of the way!

I encourage clients to not let worry intrude into “work” time or “rest and recovery time”.

You do your worrying at specific scheduled times. Of course you don’t call it worry time in your calendar! But you get the idea. You don’t let the worry creep or leak into your other activities.

I know it’s hard to switch off from worry and it takes discipline – but I know from first-hand experience that this CAN be done!

You get into the habit of focussing on: “what am I doing right NOW?”

Oh,NOW is sleep time. My focus is to sleep and rest and recover – so can better face my challenges.


Oh. NOW is time to get work done on this project. I focus on that rather than letting worries (about other things) intrude into what I should be doing right NOW.

I’ve already had my worry time for the day – and it went very well.

I schedule my worry time for when I am most positive and clear thinking and able to deal with worry without being overwhelmed by it. I schedule 30 minutes.

I get my worries out on paper (yes, I’m old school) all the things I need to worry about.

When I need to rest, I will focus on RESTING – knowing I will have another worry appointment tomorrow.

Now, you may discover that what works better for you is to have two or more scheduled “worry times”.
The thing is – to not let worry destroy other things you need to do – especially, vital rest and recovery time.

Worry often keeps people from sleeping which makes them exhausted and weaker when facing the challenges of the day.

In another post I’ll write about how to focus on REST and RECOVERY as a commitment.

I use a technique I read in a great little book called SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF.
search inside yourself

One of the techniques involves:
1. AWARENESS – being aware when your thoughts turn to worry.
2. GUIDING yourself back to what you should be focussing on at any specific time of the day.

I am not in anyway connected with the book. A friend recommended the book to me – and I found it an “easy read” yet “deep” and very valuable – especially developing resilience in this stressed-out, worry-ridden world!

So, I encourage you to:
1. schedule worry time
2. don’t let worry intrude into other “tasks” you need to focus on
It will take discipline and if you find it hard try the AWARENESS AND GUIDANCE technique I mentioned from Search Inside Yourself.


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