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Tweak your business #twitter (Part 1/3) – make it about your audience

Tweak your tweets.

If you tweet for business you can tweet more effectively with purposeful tweet tweaks.

If you want your audience to actually pay attention to your tweets and click through to any links – make your tweets audience-focussed rather than just about you or your business. How does your message relate to or possibly affect your audience?

As a lawyer turned journalist and social media writing trainer, I study business tweets – especially law firm tweets and I see so many missed opportunities.

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Law firm tweeters – it’s not that your tweets are bad – it’s just that they could be so much better with a greater awareness of:

Why you are tweeting this particular tweet?
What you want your readers to do?

Some of the main challenges I see with Business tweets:

1. They are focussed on the firm rather than the audience
2. They use wordy expressions that waste space with the 140 character limit
3. They are one-off tweets that probably get ignored

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To show what I mean, I’ll use an example from the firm Tribly Misso. In a previous post I wrote how impressed I was with how the firm uses social media to boost its brand and connect with the everyday suburban audience – lots of personal injuries, workers comp and family law.

I am not in any way connected with the firm. I just regularly study their social media examples because I believe they do a great job.

Here’s an example of one of their good tweets – and how it can be tweaked to be better.

We’re proud to be featured in ‪@LawyersWeekly. Have a read on how we’re leading the way in flexible work arrangements ‪

What’s good?

(1) Sounds real and conversational with contractions – we’re. Lawyers have been trained to avoid casual contractions – yet contractions:
1. sound human and 2. sound approachable and 3. can save space.

(2) Key positive words that stand out – proud and leading the way

Also a good plug that the firm is recognised in the legal industry
@LawyersWeekly (the address) is included as part of the message – so the publication gets notified too and will probably retweet hence reaching a broader audience.

Also, because the address is not at the start of the tweet – other followers can see the message

How can the tweet be better?

1. flip to the audience perspective
2. fresh angles repeat
3. trim some words
(I will cover 2 and 3 in future posts – and concentrate on 1 in this post)

Now there are many ways to write a tweet – here’s what I would do:

Workers with young families need flexibility. We understand and here’s how we proudly lead the way. @LawyersWeekly

The audience (or an important part of your audience) comes first – not the firm’s recognition. I’ve “gone wide” – workers (male or female) with young families.

By putting the audience at the start of a tweet – your audience knows this message is for them and about them rather than the firm.

Still in the tweet are the important parts – proud, leading the way, the link and the @LawyersWeekly

Also, the message “we understand” the importance of family and work flexibility

Can you see the difference the tweak makes with the audience flip?

In following posts I will share:

– simple word and space-saving trimming techniques
– the concept of fresh angles for repeat tweets – rather than one-off messages that will probably get ignored

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If this post and the message of tweaking your tweets makes good business sense to you, I’ve developed short sessions specifically on writing for social media – full of great tips on how to make your business tweets more purposeful.

I mainly work with law firms – and I can help other businesses too.

I offer 2-hour sessions and lunch-time 45 minute sessions too.

Please contact me: text on 0409 821 186 or by e-mail:

Often I am working overseas – in another time zone with my phone on silent – but I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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As a former lawyer – I used to write in the detached, wordy firm-focussed style. After “escaping” to journalism I was lucky to have wonderful, tough old editors teach me how to write in a short, engaging and audience-focussed style. I’ve got plenty of great writing and editing and headline and “angle” tips to share.

If you want to see what else Trilby Misso does so well in leading the way and connecting with its audience – here’s a link to an earlier post
Tips for firms in the suburbs


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