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Quick Business Lesson for your Commute No. 2 – #QBLFYC

doubleshot media

Here’s a quick and easy lesson if you want to persuade people or “sell” an idea.

1. Make it about THEIR world not YOUR world

2. Don’t think PRODUCT (or service) – think the PROBLEM (in the audience’s world) that the product helps solve.

Here’s a really simple and effective example I saw today as I was enjoying a coffee in a cafe.

coffee news

I take every opportunity to “study” persuasion and I’m one of those “nerds” who carefully analyses the advertisements in magazines as well as reading the articles.

I  was studying the wording and persuasive angles in ads in one of those little free reading sheets you often see in cafes.

Anyway, this ad is a perfect example of the persuasion principles above.

I am in NO way connected with the publication of the  magnetic name badge company.

magnetic name badges

So you can see – in the seller’s world –…

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