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Improve your #writing – write initial ideas on paper AWAY from your computer and phone

This can definitely help you write better. Well, certainly get better ideas to write about and express them concisely and clearly.

paper notebook2

I’m advising a professional and very busy client who is “enjoying” some forced “slow-down time”.

He is recovering in hospital after an operation. He is in pain – but I’m trying to be positive and encouraging about his forced slow-down πŸ™‚


From experience (after an operation for a torn Achilles tendon), I know how you can get lots of great and “deeper” ideas when you are forced to slow down.

You have time to think about things you normally don’t have time to think about.

My advice to my client – use this forced slow time to think of ideas for better blog posts or future presentations.

And to record his ideas on paper rather than on some device like a laptop or iPad or other modern writing “machine”.

and with your phone turned off or on silent!

The reason?

Paper doesn’t interruPt!

If you are writing on a device (on with your phone switched on nearby) you can get interrupted a ping or a message “photobombing” your writing.

This interruption rudely rips you away from your idea. Chances are either you’ll lose your flow altogether – or it will take you time to get back into the flow.

I’ve started this paper discipline recently and it’s working well.

When I’m thinking about ideas – I record on paper.

When it’s time to write – I write and edit on my MacBook.

Writing at Hs

When I record on paper – I sometimes write in a paper notebook.

paper notebook2

I sometimes use the “enforced simplicity” of post-it notes.

Writing on the limited space of a post-it note really helps you distil your message!

And when I write on my Macbook, I make sure interruptions are turned off.

TB writing at airport

I find writers can be different with what works best for them.

I encourage you to try different techniques and use the ones that work best for you.

Another technique that works so well for me it to deliberately DO nothing – like when I am on a plane. (link at the end of the post!)

For part of a trip – I deliberately refrain from watching a movie or reading or preparing stuff on my computer. I do nothing to create space for ideas to flow into – and of course I record on paper!

notebook pen plane

If you’ve found any techniques that work best for you – please share in the comments section below.

And, if you’re interested, here’s more about getting great ideas by doing nothing.

Get ideas by doing nothing!


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