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Joy of new expressions – #SocialFeedia – social media using the power of food!

Don’t you love it when people create new expressions to describe new things that have yet to be named?

Social Media (especially twitter) has spawned so many expressions.

A talented friend of mine (a former journalist) is really into food and organises special events where people get together and discuss issues/trends etc. over food.

It’s bonding and sharing over food – in real time with real people and with real food!

My friend is very clever at “publicising” her events by using social media – especially delicious photos of food and food humour – even if the jokes are cheese-y or corny.

i feel grate cheese

Anyway, in our banter I came up with the expression SocialFeedia – using the bonding attraction of food on social media – images and humour about food.

Food attracts attention. Food is a good “bonding” topic to discuss. Many people are passionate about food – the look, the smell, the taste.

Food images are attractive to the eye.

Plus, Food can be funny. Look at many Weird Al songs – food is often a foundation for his humour.

Wrapping food in FOIL (parody of Royals)

Eat it, Fat etc.

When I look back and analyse many of my most popular blog posts – the most popular relate to food – and Coffee.

cocktail onions

I strategically time posts for “feeding and reading” times.

People often “feed” on social media – around the same time they are taking a break to eat their lunch or to enjoy a coffee break.

Also, many people feed on social media as they enjoy their breakfast.

So I encourage you to use the power of food for your social media – or should I say think Social Feedia!

If you’re interested, here are links to related posts including harnessing the power of the feeding and reading times for your audience:

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prawn cocktail?


TB coffee montage

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