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Joy of new words – indisTWEET – an indiscreet tweet

We all have to be careful on twitter. We can “forget where we are” – especially when we are in a rush and tweeting from our phones.

Now I know we can DM people – but it’s easy to unintentionally send more “private” tweets for others to see.
We are being indiscreet on twitter – or indisTWEET.

As you may be aware – Twitter has prompted people to make up lots of new words to describe things related to twitter and social media.

word nerd CU

I’m a word nerd who loves the creativity of people who make up new words.

Twitter has spawned so many twitter words (or TWords): TWintern, TWirting (flirting on twitter), TWagiarism (plagiarism on social media),AtTWiction (addiction to twitter), AbsTWinence (abstaining from twitter), deTWox (detoxing from twitter) to name a few.

As far as I know, I came up with the expression indisTWEET this morning after reading some indisTWEETs in my twitter feed ths morning.

Maybe someone else came up with he expression too. Twitter inspires people to create new TWords and is a great platform for “word nerds” and language lovers around the world to “riff” on new expressions.

If you’re interested, here are links explaining some other TWords.

TWord Twintern

TWagiarism TWademark


Also, a quick word nerd tip on how to remember the difference between two sound-a-like words discreet and discrete.

I had a great teacher who made lessons memorable and visual. He used “corny” humour – but his lessons stuck!

Just remember the Es in the different words.

With discrEtE – the Es are separated (as if they are in discrEtE categories.)

With discrEET – the Es are close together whispering to each other in a discrEET conversation.

I know this sounds childish – but I guarantee this will help you remember the difference!



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