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Get your message across – focus on imPact not Process Pt 2

This post was inspired by an organisation I follow on twitter – Wildlife Land Trust Australia .


I have a real soft-spot for protecting the environment and I have a deep respect for and a desire to help people who use their skills to help protect the environment.

Some are lawyers who use their legal skills to protect the environment.

Others put in place networks of private land to be safe habitats for wildlife.

Anyway, today I was impressed by the Wildlife Land Trust – how it uses social media to spread its messages – a great logo AND a colourful and “descriptive” background image.

One area I encourage them to improve is the wording of the profile.

I reckon they could benefit from the tip in part 1 – Focus on imPact – not Process.

Here’s how I would tighten up the profile to push the imPact part more – rather than too much detail of how they do it.

In my opinion, busy social media audiences rush by.

Here’s the existing profile – followed by how I’d tweak it.


The original is OK. I’d just start with the impact of what the network of private lands does and what the impact of a habitat will have.


WLT Australia is a network of private lands providing habitat for native species. Showcasing wildlife, conservation and ecology news. Program of ‪@hsi_australia

I also tried to inject short, sharp statements propelled by action verbs.

WLT Australia. Protects native species. Provides a network of private lands for safe habitat. Showcases wildlife, conservation and ecology news. Program of ‪@hsi_australia

I’ve been helping a different organisation that helps protect the environment and I encourage them too to use strong verbs and to start with the imPact things will have.

To “extract” the imPact – I keep asking questions:

What will this (e.g. an amendment to legislation) do?

I encourage them to use shorter and “visual” verbs – verbs where you can see the action.

Words that have “connotations” – positive or negative.

For example, when they say the amendment will affect people’s rights, I push further.

affect is too general.

How will it affect? What’s a more dramatic verb?

It will rip away rights.

Rip is stronger! Rip…tear..slash! You get the idea.

Maybe I’m too “dramatic”. Maybe it’s my old journalism instincts – but I urge smart professionals to dare to be more colourful and dramatic when they express themselves to get media attention for their causes.

On reflection – I may go and find some stronger words to tweak even further my suggested change.

I reckon Provides can be stronger!

Anyway, when you need to get your message across:

1. Focus on imPact – not process
2. Use verbs – especially “visual” verbs

If you’re interested, here’s a link to part 1.

Part 1 Focus on imPact not Process


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