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Get your message across – focus on imPact not Process Pt 1

I’m helping people from a good cause get their messages out about protecting the environment.

For these people, their work is very “procedural” – following and sticking to very detailed procedures and processes.

These people are very smart and committed to protecting the environment – yet, to be totally honest, the detail of the process of how they do what they do is of little interest to others.

What about the media? (so vital for letting people know about their good work)- not interested in the detail.

What about other people (existing and potential supporters)?
They are certainly interested in the cause – but not the detailed procedures or process.

My message: Focus on imPact not Process. The caps are to emphasie the sound memory device 🙂

TB headline technique

1. Let’s just say there is an upcoming amendment to a law. The audience doesn’t need to know the process – all the procedures and the legal mechanisms for bringing in an amendment. Focus on the imPact the amendment will have on people. What people will be imPacted? What will be the imPact?

2. Let’s say there’s a new drug. The audience doesn’t need to know too much detail about the process – procedure for making the drug or the process for getting it approved. Focus on the imPact the drug will have to improve the lives of people.

So how you can apply this:

Unless you are writing for or speaking to people who share your interest in detail – instead emphasie the imPact.

What imPact will it have on people?

When I train people to present to senior management, I use the same principle.

TB training group

Senior Management doesn’t need to know all the details about ” process stuff” – financial procedures and calculations.

Senior managers want to know the impact.

If they have a specific process or procedure-focussed question, they’ll ask it. And then you can answer it.

If you are dealing with the media, think of their ultimate audience.

What does the ultimate audience care about? The media often doesn’t have the time (or space) to go into detail. Plus, they are afraid that their audience will get bored.

So remember, the detail and procedures may be fascinating to you (and those who share your professional interest in detail) – but when communicating with others Focus on imPact not Process!

TB Media mosaic

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