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Joy of new words – Oversharenting – parents who overshare pics of their kids

A friend who also loves new words shared this one – oversharenting. Parents who “overshare” pics and stories about their kids!

The term was apparently coined by journalist Steven Leckart in the Wall Street Journal it and then spread around the world.

The expression cleverly and concisely describes something “new” that needed a name!

I’ll have to ask my friend why he likes this new expression.

Personally, I like when new words or expressions 1. sound right and 2. take things further.

New words that take an existing expression, add to it and then create a new expression.

overPAREnting – becomes overSHAREnting. It sounds good. It looks good. In my opinion, it’s witty and funny and concisely captures something that needed a name!

While I know many journalists love to play with words and create words, part of me wonders if Leckhart first heard someone else use the expression and captured it and was the one to first WRITE the expression for creating the word.

I’m not saying he didn’t in fact make up the expression.

I just know from personal experience that I hear so many funny new expressions “casually thrown out” by clever and funny friends in social situations.

I’m the one who scoops up what I consider to be funny gems of expression and captures and writes about the expressions.

Like my friend who coined an expression for a poor quality coffee – an unimpresso! I celebrate her wit.


What’s a good new word to describe creating a new expression?

What’s a good new word to describe staking your claim on a new expression

My friend’s sharing the expression OVERSHARENTING was prompted by me sharing with him a witty expression from another new word fan – who came up with absenteenism – to describe her teenager who seems to always be out!

If you love new words – here’s a link to that post.


Also, please share your favourite “new words” in the comments section below.

There are lots of people who enjoy the joy and creativity of creating new words.

What’s a good new word to describe that?


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