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Joy of new words – absenteenism – when your teenagers are never home!

A fellow “new word maker-up-erer” who has become a friend sent me a word she made up to describe here teenager who is never home – absenteenism.

My friend works in a serious business in a serious and demanding and detailed job – yet she has this creative side.

We discuss the joy and satisfaction of finding and even making up new words to describe things in our lives.

I am lucky to have lots of witty and creative friends who make up words on the spot. I’m like one of those word nerds who bothers to scribble their wit down in a notebook or type it into notes on my phone.

One friend described a poor coffee she was served:

I ordered an espresso – I call this…an unimpresso!

I like to capture and celebrate my friends’ wit!


I encourage my clever friends to keep coming up with new words. Some people really have a talent for it!

Whats a fun new word to describe someone who like to encourage others?

If you love new words, I recommend you check out – where you find fun words such as typochonriac – people who fear typos!

Sometimes you’ll find that someone else has already come up with a word you created. Like procaffinating! Not doing any work until you’ve had several coffees!

Creative people can come up with the same or similar words or ideas independently.

I remember thinking I was so clever after seeing the movie The Lincoln Lawyer coming up with a name for a business using social media to help market law firms- The Linked In Lawyer.


I found that a lawyer in the US already had that exact name and idea!

Not a problem! I connected with him via social media and found a like-minded person – a pun-loving lawyer who loves movies (and books) about the law. He also shares my interest in music and using his law communication skills to help out good causes! He is a big fan of The Smiths!

Maybe you can come up with a better new word to describe a “new word maker-up-erer”

New words are technically called neologisms.

But I’m sure you can come up with something that sounds better than that! I’ll get my fellow “new word maker-up-erer” to put her creative mind to it!

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