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What YOU can learn from Bono’s TED 2013 talk VIDEO

I used these tips to help a good cause spread its message today. Thought I’d share this again!

Pro Bono Bono

If you need to motivate and activate people to support your cause – you can learn a lot from Bono’s communication style as seen in the “just released” video of his recent TED2013 talk about Eradicating Extreme Poverty.

factivist Bono

I posted about his talk when he first made it in late February (based on all the text and quotations of his talk) – but  now TED has just released the video (Thursday US time)

In my uni days, my friends and  I would eagerly await the release of the latest U2 album – and we’d gather to play the vinyl (back then!) and talk about what we thought about the album. I was a fan of Bono the musician.

These days, as a business communication coach and supporter of good causes through Pro Bono Bono – I eagerly await  and analyse Bono’s  big speeches. I watched the TED2013 video as soon…

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