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Bono’s TED 2013 talk – How Bono makes numbers “sexy” and memorable

I used this to help a good cause make numbers “sexy” the way Bono does. Don’t NUMB with numbers! Oh that song is now in my head!

Pro Bono Bono

At Bono’s TED talk in California this week – he had lots of numbers to share – some GOOD numbers and good news!

Bono knows how to deliver a memorable quote – by being a bit “naughty” and irreverent and humorous.

Here’s how he described encouraging statistics about World Poverty:

“For numbers crunchers like us, that’s the erogenous zone. It’s fair to say I’m sexually aroused by the collating of data.”

Here are links for more details on these sexy numbers:,0,173686.story?track=rss&dlvrit=515009

factivist Bono

Also, here’s an earlier Pro Bono Bono post about how Bono makes numbers memorable and meaningful:

Numbers can numb – on paper (or on screen) and in your spoken presentations. Not everyone gets the significance of numbers. You can become a better communicator by making numbers meaningful. You can learn from how Bono makes numbers meaningful – and dramatic.

Do you know the U2’s song Numb

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